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Pioneer Educational Trust


CEM has looked after the plant rooms at Upton Court Grammar School for the last 18 years. Over t..

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The Deptford Project


CEM has been awarded yet another property by Haus Block Management - the eleventh in the last 3 ..

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Nova House


Perseverance is probably the key word for CEM's relationship with this property in Slough. About..

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Urban Studios for rent


CEM have been appointed to maintain the plant room by Akelius at Sovereign Court, Staines ..

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11 Mapleton Crescent, Wandsworth


Haus Block Management has awarded the M&E maintenance contract for 11 Mapleton Crescent in ..

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Marsham Court, Westminster


HML Group has awarded CEM the M&E maintenance contract for Marsham Court in Westminster comm..

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The Fisheries, London Fields


The Fisheries maintenance contract has been awarded to CEM by Haus Block Management. As we..

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Above Par


Sometimes it is good to be above par. Contract Energy Management has just completed a proj..

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RHS Controls upgrade


The Royal Horticultural Society's headquarters in Vincent Square, Westminster has been a client ..

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Enfield Development


New River House is the overall name for a major residential and commercial development in ..

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Social to Private


The picture below shows the building when it was the local DHSS office and above the archi..

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What is a Polygon?


A polygon is a plane shape with straight sides. The aerial view of 89 Avenue Road, NW8 shows 28 ..

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The Etons


The Etons comprises three seven-storied brick blocks in neo-Georgian style, designed by To..

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Evolution of a site


Sandwiched between the Mall and Pall Mall, close to Trafalgar Square, 24 Carlton House Ter..

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Al2SiO4(F, OH)2


This is the chemical formula of Topaz - the hardest of any silicate material and in its natural ..

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From PHEs to PHE


CEM has been appointed by Haus Block Management to look after the plant rooms of the three..

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Up on the roof


Contract Energy Management (CEM) have managed the Planned Preventative Maintenance of t..

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Back to School


Reddam House Berkshire is a majestic school, housed in a magnificent Victorian mansion, in..

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Room with a view


Ringley Chartered Surveyors has awarded CEM a third property – Tower View – that ove..

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Knightsbridge to Watford


Contract Energy Management have been awarded five new maintenance contracts from Knightsbridge t..

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Garage to Ad Agency


CEM are replacing both of the large boilers and looking after the Honeywell & Trend BM..

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Five new maintenance contracts


CEM were awarded five new maintenance contracts from five different managing agents in November/..

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British Modernist in Notting Hill


Residential Management Group (RMG) has appointed CEM to look after the M&E at 65 Ladbr..

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CEM goes Dutch


Contract Energy Management (CEM) has just returned from Groningen in the Netherlands ha..

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22 - 23 Down Street


CEM has been awarded the maintenance contract for the communal plant room for these prestigious ..

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The Royal Marsden Hospital


CEM has been awarded its first project at the world-famous Royal Marsden Hospital site in ..

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CEM blossoms with RHS


CEM has been appointed to look after the mechanical, electrical and air conditioning equip..

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Second Kensington property in May


Quadrant Property Management has appointed CEM to handle another of its properties – 1-27 ..

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Art Deco in Kensington


CEM has been appointed by Blenheims' mutual client to handle the mechanical & el..

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Mount Stewart Junior School


CEM has been awarded the mechanical and electrical maintenance contract for Mount Stewart J..

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Elephant Park


Contract Energy Management has supplied and installed the first three Alfa Laval PHE skid ..

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41 Millharbour contract


Contract Energy Management are pleased to announce securing the M&E maintenance contra..

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Alfa Laval appoint CEM first UK Authorised Service Partner


Alfa Laval – a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling - ..

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Paul Belchak & Co appoint CEM for EC2 property


Paul Belchak & Co has awarded the PPM contract for Cordy House, Curtain Road ..

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E.ON award CEM Salters' Hall contract


E.ON has awarded Contract Energy Management the contract to install a 750KW Cooling Skid U..

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CEM land E1 PPM contract


Contract Energy Management has been awarded the maintenance contract for Lattice House, 20..

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